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Massively Improve Your Financial Access & Become A Credit Health Genius

Boost your financial and credit potential by learning how to read, understand, and build a healthy credit report. Banks, lenders, and insurers will love you.

Your 3-Step Credit Health Success Plan

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Step 1 - Account Signup

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Step 2 - Learn

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Step 3 - Grow

Take action with what you learn and improve your credit health. Tap into a community and our academy resources to grow your better financial future!

What will you get out of this course?

This course uses education building blocks to take you all the way from the basics to an in-depth understanding of your credit health. Most importantly, all users will learn how to build AND improve their credit score.

Finally, fully understand your credit report

Most people are totally confused about credit reports. No one has time to navigate the credit bureaus range of blog posts and most free credit score apps don’t actually teach you what things mean. We break down each and every component.

Learn to build a healthy credit record from scratch

All credit records start off with a “low” score. This is usually perceived as bad even when it means there is not enough data. Unfortunately, it leads to hasty decisions and people build unhealthy credit records. We show you the exact steps to build a healthy score from scratch.

Get unstuck by massively improving your credit score & health

People land in sticky credit health scenarios for any number of reasons. We want to help people get unstuck so they are able to move forward with their financial future. This course includes easy-to-follow lessons for improving your credit score and record.

Unlock a wealth of knowledge to build a better financial future

With more than 40 lessons and an ever-growing library of new courses, special content, features, and community you will tap into a world where you can go beyond credit health and build a better financial future. Fincheck Academy is your perfect financial literacy partner.

Play your part in our mission to build a financially healthy South Africa

Do you ever feel like you can’t get out of a financial sinkhole? Unfortunately, it is a reality experienced by most South Africans. By enrolling in this course, you are not only improving your credit health, but joining our mission to build a better future for all South African consumers. This course is one of the foundational building blocks towards better credit and financial health.

🌟 You will get 2 course-specific certificates upon completion to show you went the mile. 🌟

“Always felt lost when reading my credit report and trying to understand why I had all these old accounts on it. Now I know how to read and fix the mistakes!”

– Jacob


“I was struggling every time I applied for a loan. They kept telling me I am not approved and I didn’t know why. But now, I can understand my mistakes and I feel on top of building my score!”

– Kum

“The Fincheck company is very helpful to our country and plays a very important part in our lives in South Africa.”

– Simon

Course Price & Details

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14 Lessons, 48 Topics With Access To Unique Content


Personalised Dashboard, includes Your Stats, Badges, Courses and more


Unlock Quizzes, Achievements & Certificates


Full understanding of credit health, how it affects your financial life, and clear steps to improve it

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get my money back if I am unhappy?

Definitely. You are joining us on a mission towards a healthier credit profile and this means our content should help you achieve it. If you are unhappy, we will do a basic confirmation on your identity, membership profile, and payment details. Once we have confirmed no one’s riding the fraud train, we will refund your purchase.

What makes the course different than the blog series?

Great question! Simply, our educational blog series offers readers a glance at the full dept of content included in a course. With the convenience of having it all in one place, and a great user learning experience (which will always be improving with awesome visual add-ons), you are paying a once-off fee for a powerful roadmap towards a better financial future.

Is a credit health course really worth it?

Until the system for rating your financial profile changes, or you decide to only ever use cash, yes! The only people who will not benefit from this course, are the few who have studied credit bureau and financial health content to the max.

What happens after I press "Buy" on this course?

Once you click on “Buy”, you will be taken to our checkout process. Here you will 1.) Enter your personal/billing details 2.) Pay using your preferred method.

That’s it! In the process, your membership account is created and you will receive your login details via email.

Why this course and not other blogs and courses all over the internet?

First of all, that mission we mentioned. We’re pretty serious about building a more inclusive South Africa! This means we’re in for more than just the money. No loving and leaving you once we get the money. 

Secondly, there certainly is a ton of great content out there. But few of us have the time or know how to find it. We are also pretty sure we have one of the best courses in South Africa right now, but it will be great if you can confirm it 😉

How will this improve my credit score?

To improve your credit score you need to firstly understand the credit scoring system, and secondly know the actual steps to take in building a great score!

This course will teach you the basics, the things they don’t tell you upfront and show you exact steps to build AND improve a credit score. We also don’t sell fairy tales – we explain exactly when someone needs to face facts and get external help to fix their credit health.

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