The 4 Best Places to Get Debt Consolidation Loans in South Africa

So, perhaps you’re struggling to service your debt – you are not alone. 

Many South Africans find themselves in the same shoes. Considering a debt consolidation loan is not out of the ordinary and could be a great way to restore you to a healthy, calm, and collected debt-free life.

Firstly, we trust that you have done your part on educating yourself about the terms and conditions of consolidation loans. If you’re a bit unsure, read here on when you should take out a Debt Consolidation Loan.

The Value of a Debt Consolidation Loan

As you will learn, debt consolidation loans can be of great value to you. By providing the opportunity to combine various other loans into one loan with one interest rate, you can significantly reduce the size of your monthly spending on loan repayments. Make sure that the one you are looking at consists of a lower interest rate, as this is key to you not spending more than you should and simply forfeiting any interest savings. A good consolidation loan should result in reducing your monthly debt repayment and in turn ease your financial burden by giving you more cash in hand at the end of each month.

With this in mind, here is a list of 5 trusted financial institutions in South Africa that can help you with debt consolidation in South Africa:

1. Blue Oak Systems

Blue Oak Systems – By providing an automated process, Blue Oak Systems allow every consumer to review their cost of debt, and determine if savings exists in an objective manner, in real-time, with no paperwork or questions. They understand the possible embarrassing explanations and the awkward manual and time-consuming processes experienced to get an objective understanding of financial debt.

2. Paragon

Paragon – Paragon Lending Solutions is a private non-bank lender that provides short-term, asset-backed funding secured by commercial, industrial or residential property throughout South Africa.

3. Debt Rescue

Debt Rescue – Debt Rescue is an acknowledged leader in the debt counselling field, continuously being approached by media to comment and advise on financial matters in South Africa as they pride themselves by providing the highest level of service.

4. Debt Busters

Debt Busters – Another fully accredited and trustworthy consolidation loan provider offering a simplistic enquiry process.


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