What Is The Difference Between the NCR & NCA?

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Carte Blanche recently did some solid coverage on a topic that sits close to the heart of the Fincheck team and is one of our core reasons for launching our online loan comparison engine with NCR registered lenders. In this post, we help people understand the difference between the roles of the NCR & NCA.

If you’re new to the world of credit and the rules and regulations governing it, it’s easy to get the two all jumbled up. As you probably know, there are institutions set in place that work in favour of consumers applying for loans and are concerned with protecting them from unlawful practices. This is where the National Credit Act and the National Credit Regulator come into play. 

Let’s untangle the blurred lines between the NCA and the NCR:


The National Credit Act is part of a comprehensive legislation overhaul designed to protect the consumer in the credit market and make credit and banking services more accessible. The National Credit Act was introduced to promote and advance the social and economic welfare of all South Africans. Their focus is to provide a credit market that is:

  • fair,
  • transparent,
  • sustainable,
  • responsible,
  • and accessible.

The NCA works to protect consumers from those seeking to evade legislation regarding credit provision.

Although seemingly complex, the National Credit Act aims to simplify many of the grey areas surrounding the South African credit market. The NCA helps to enhance control for better and more responsible credit practices and industry within South Africa. You can go here if you’d like to read the full Act.


The National Credit Regulator is established as the regulator under the said Act. Simply put, they are responsible for enforcing the Act within South Africa. By imposing the Act, they are instrumental in the good regulation of the South African credit industry and thus ensures the registration and accreditation of lenders. They make certain of the compliance of credit providers regarding the upholding of the Act in their business practices.

The NCR continuously probes for reckless lending to protect consumers from fraudulent activity. They provide all information on:

  • Debt Counsellors,
  • Credit Providers,
  • Credit Bureaus,
  • and ADR Agents in South Africa.

The NCR can assist borrowers with many types of possible disputes arising from loan complications. You can visit them here.

What is Fincheck’s Role?

Our role as the online financial and loan comparison marketplace for South Africa at large is to guarantee we only deal with trusted lenders and credit providers that are registered with the NCR and operate under the Act. You can rest assured in the fact that we only deal with trusted partners. Fincheck strives to be the most cost-effective manner of assessing your loan options, safely and securely!


Article at a glance

The National Credit Act and the National Credit Regulator are that protect consumers from unlawful practices when applying for credit.

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