Retired Life Checklist

Retired Guaranteed annuity funds – Once you’re retired, it’s a good idea to use a portion of your retirement funds and invest in income-generating annuities, so that you have steady income for a defined period (Discovery’s Fixed Retirement Income Plan is an...

Family Life Checklist

Family life Family medical aid scheme – Protecting the health of your family at all costs is the most important thing, and having a comprehensive medical aid scheme which encompasses your children as dependents is recommended.

Married or Life Partner Checklist

Married couples have an emotional and legal bond, which also extends to having financial trust and cooperation in your partner. Here are some financial products that married couples should consider: Life insurance – A life insurance policy will assist in...

Young Adult Checklist

Young adult Retirement plan – it may sound a little premature, but it’s never too early to start saving for your retirement. Company-sponsored retirement plans are often a great choice, as your employer will contribute to an RA (retirement annuity) on your...

Debt Consolidation

Combining your debts into one larger payment in order to make your debt management easier.