Top 5 financial news sites in South Africa
Best financial news in South Africa

Finding easy-to-read, relevant and trustworthy financial news in South Africa is a bit of a task, especially when there are so many.  

As leaders in the personal finance industry, we thought we’d guide you with the Top 5 financial news sites in South Africa, and why we think they are leading the way in reporting on financial news and tips.   

1. Moneyweb 

Whether it’s the latest on Bitcoin prices or tips on how to save for retirement – Moneyweb is your go-to South African financial news site. The media group focuses on producing finance and investment content both in South Africa and internationally. Their sections include News, In-Depth, My Money and Investing.  

The MyMoney section dives deep into tax, retirement, and personal finance, setting South African consumers in the right financial direction. If you want to know how to maximise your money or how credit cards work, then the personal finance section is a good place to start. An added bonus is that their articles aren’t jammed with financial jargon, which makes them easier to read and understand.  

Insider Gold is their premium access content, which is R630 a year, however, there are still a number of articles that are for free.  

3 Moneyweb journalists you should watch for:   

Akhona Matshoba is a driven journalist with a keen interest in the digital media space in South Africa, she covers business, property and economic news on MoneyWeb.  

Roy Cokayne with over 34 years of experience as a financial journalist, Cokayne has a passion for justice, writing about the economy, business news and personal finance.  

Adriaan Kruger having spent over 10 years as a financial reporter, Kruger shares his insight on business deals, budgeting and retirement.  

Is MoneyWeb a trustworthy source of news?  

Yes, because it is an independent media group, their articles remain unbiased. They also have a number of freelance journalists who come from different backgrounds and experiences, ensuring they have diverse content.  

Must-read free articles on Moneyweb: 

How do I become debt-free? 

What is the best way to spend my tax refund? 

The importance of having a well-structured will 

2. Fin24  

Fin24 is part of the Media24 Group, which is owned by Naspers – one of the largest media and e-commerce platform groups based in South Africa. The site aims to be the first to deliver on news, and to deliver on news right. Their journalists create content that is topical, relevant and well-researched. A few of their sections that are relevant for consumers: economy, opinion and money.  

MoneyClinic specifically is a valuable resource where industry thought leaders answer common questions from readers. Whether you don’t know what insurance to take out or want to start investing – their articles are concise and informative and most of the time answer questions you’ve been dying to know the answer of too. Their budget section offers a breakdown of the budget speech and the impact and relevancy of this on consumers.  

A large portion of their content is specifically written for subscribers, and at R75 a month you can get access to their exclusive content.  

3 Fin24 journalists you should watch for:  

Londiwe Buthelezi – the financial services reporter for Fin24, focuses more specifically on banks, insurance and asset management, she has a great passion for financial inclusion and she-conomics.  

Helena Wasserman as the editor at Fin24, Wasserman still finds time to write on corporate innovation, investments and business news.  

Allison Jeftha – Jeftha focuses specifically on compiling content for the MoneyClinic section where she gets finance experts to answer frequently asked questions from their readers.  

Is Fin24 a reliable source of news?  

Yes, their articles are written by reputable journalists who do thorough research on their specialised topics. They are also an independent media group and rely on paid subscribers.  

Must-read free articles on Fin24 

Budget 2022 | Tax relief: These are all the big changes 

I want to start saving early. How does compound interest work? 

I want to know more about saving and investing. Where do I start? 

I want to move in with my long-term partner. What should I know about insurance? 

3. Business Live 

Business Day is a national newspaper in South Africa, with Business Live as their e-edition. The one-stop-shop news site covers everything from the economy and investing to finance news and financial cartoons. The site is updated continually with original content. For consumers specifically, their money, opinion, and latest news sections are valuable. The money section is a helpful tool for South African consumers, from ways to save on your car insurance to ins and out of debt counselling. If you’ve got a question, they’ve got it covered. Their opinion section is a mix of content written by their knowledgeable columnists and industry thought leaders.  

BusinessLIVE Premium allows readers to have full access to the best content, exclusive news as well as daily international news and analysis from Bloomberg. The subscription is R120 a month. One downside for consumers is that they have very little free content.  

Is Business Live a reliable source of news?  

Yes, their content is sourced from a number of sister publications – Financial Mail, Business Day and Sunday Time’s Business Times.  They are a privately-owned publication published by Arena Holdings  

3 Business Live journalists you should watch for:  

Lukanyo Mnyanda – as the current BusinessDay editor, Mnyanda has over 15 years of experience in financial writing, having previously worked for Bloomberg.  

Wandile Sihlobo – as well as being a columnist for Business Day and Business Live, Sihlobo is also the head of economic and agribusiness research at the Agricultural Business Chamber.  

Brandan Reynolds – although not a columnist, Reynolds illustrates the world financial news in a tangible, visual and satirical way. His cartoons show what’s going on in the world and can get away with a whole lot more.  

4. Business Tech  

With over 8 million unique page visitors a month, Business Tech is one of the largest business and tech news sites in South Africa. Their content is primarily focused on business and finance, but their journalists also cover a wide range of other topics. A few that are quite relevant for consumers are – wealth, tech, banking and politics.  

Their banking section specifically is a portal for personal finance, from the latest interest rates from Capitec, to what you need to know about your credit score.  

The Business Tech team strive to serve the needs of the South African business community, by writing content that is well-researched and topical. If we must think of one downside, it’s that their articles aren’t attributed to a specific journalist so you can’t go back and find specific content from that author.  

There is a silver lining though, all their articles are completely free to read.  

Must-read articles on Business Tech:  

Insurance and credit score what you need to know 

10 ways to prevent becoming a cyber crime statistic 

How to make your petrol last longer as record petrol prices loom 

Is Business Tech a reliable source of news?  

Yes, the Business Tech editor and team believe in data-driven journalism. They place great importance on giving their readers quick access to trusted information so that they can make an informed decision.  

5. IOL 

Independent Online, otherwise known as IOL is a leading news and information SA website. With a balance between breaking news and insightful tips, the website covers an array of topics. For consumers looking for financial advice, their personal finance section covers everything from medical insurance and debt to financial planning and investments.  

The financial planning section is a great resource for couples, first-time homeowners and young professionals to name a few. Their journalists have done their homework when it comes to writing about topics South African consumers really want to know about. ‘Trending on IOL’ gives the latest trending news plus all their topics are great conversation starters for your next dinner party 😉  

And the most important question for those who don’t like paying for more than their Netflix subscription – is it free? Yebo!  

Is IOL a reliable source of news?  

IOL has a number of reputable publications under their group, and with this comes an abundance of resources at their disposal. They are an independent media group, and their journalists are all experts on their specific topics. 

3 IOL journalists to watch for:  

Nicolette Mashile – wearing two hats, Mashile is a TV presenter and financial literacy expert. As a freelance journalist for IOL her core focus is around financial education.   

Martin Hesse – as the content editor for Personal Finance at IOL, Hesse has been working and writing for the media group for over 23 years. An expert on personal finance – he is your go-to guy for helpful tips.  

Vernon Pillay – a freelance journalist for IOL, Pillay also writes for a number of other publications and has years of experience covering topics from finance and politics to sports and the metaverse.  

Must-read articles on IOL 

Checklist to secure your finances and lower your stress 

How young people can improve their finances 

3 important financial moves to make in your twenties 

Whether you are on a lunch break or soaking up the sun on the beach – the next step is finding time in between your hectic schedule to read up on finance. We believe that variety is best, especially when comes to news – and that’s why it’s so valuable to read different news sources. Staying on top of financial news will help you make smarter financial decisions – and that sounds like a great game plan to us.  

At Fincheck Academy we also have an abundance of resources at your disposal, from our Credit Health course to our Financial Insights section – all of which will set you on a healthier financial path.  

*Keep an eye out for more on the best finance podcasts and blogs.  


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Finding easy-to-read, relevant and trustworthy financial news in South Africa is a bit of a task, especially when there are so many.   As leaders in the personal finance industry, we thought we’d guide you with the Top 5 financial news sites in South Africa, and why we think they are leading the way in reporting […]

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